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We can provide your organisation with any of the following services on a flexible basis:

Accounting Services


We can help you with your book-keeping systems and processes, ensuring you record the right details and capture the relevant information that will support you when you need to make decisions about your business.

Planning and budgeting

Planning and budgeting is an essential activity for every organisation. It is also one that people often fall down on with unrealistic expectations and assumptions. Carefully costed, risk-assessed plans will help with that financing bid, give you a benchmark against which you can monitor your progress, and help you unpick your current position and understand why you are off target.

Business process improvement

When an organisation expands rapidly, manual systems that worked well for a small business can suddenly become swamped and unmanageable. This can result in anything from slow back-office functions to an inability to meet growing demand for your services, hampering your growth. We offer a review of your organisation's processes and work with you to improve current systems and develop new ones.

Cost and profit analysis

Ensure your activities are covering all your costs and adding to your bottom line. Analyse current activities to identify potential areas for cost reductions and improve profitability.

Accounting systems

Ensure your accounting systems are supporting your organisation. We can help by conducting a review of your current systems, identify areas in need of improvement and assist with the development of new processes. We can also help build requirements for and identifying new accounting systems.

Management performance reports

Reporting accurate information, on time, is a challenge for many organisations and the first step is to identify the information that is crucial to understanding how your organisation is performing. We can help you identify the information you need to manage your organisation effectively. We can also work with you to develop the processes needed to ensure that this information is captured for reporting.


Charities have the same needs as many businesses and indeed often work as such providing services to beneficiaries. We can help you by providing the above services and also provide support on many areas specific to the charity sector such as grant applications and reporting, managing restricted funds and governance.

Information Systems & Technology


Help you create the information systems and information technology strategies that support your business.


Produce policies that reflect your strategy, and support business processes.


Map current business processes (information flow), and work with you to ensure they align to your current strategy and policies.


Help you take all reasonable steps to ensure your business data is secure and that your customer's personal information is protected.